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Think Eat Act!

Beyond Factory Farming has launched a new campaign website called Think Eat Act! It features timely topics that need to be addressed in order to build food sovereignty in Canada. Our current campaign is on Genetically Engineered Animals, specifically Enviropig, which may soon be approved for human consumption by Health Canada. Find out what it is all about, and what you can do. Read more

Beyond Factory Farming is a national organization promoting socially responsible livestock production in Canada. We help communities that are dealing with problems caused by factory farms and factory farm proposals. As an alternative to industrial livestock operations, we promote livestock production that is safe, fair and healthy for the environment, farmers, workers, animals, neighbours, communities and consumers. Establishing socially responsible livestock production is a means to reach the overarching goal of food sovereignty — democratic citizen control of our food and agriculture system.

One of the ways Beyond Factory Farming is promoting food sovereignty in Canada is by working with the Peoples Food Policy Project - creating a national food policy from the ground up. We invite you to get involved by holding a Kitchen Table Talk in your own community.

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