Certified Organic Livestock

Certified Organic Livestock is raised according to standards under the authority of the Canadian Organic Regulation and is certified by accredited third-party inspectors.

The Canadian organic standard states that livestock can make an important contribution to an organic farming system by improving and maintaining the fertility of the soil, by managing the flora through grazing, and by enhancing biodiversity and facilitating complementary interactions on the farm.

Organic livestock producers use animal breeds that are adapted to local conditions and have good vitality and natural resistance to disease and heath problems. Preventative health practices are the first priority. The animals must be born and raised under certified organic conditions, and breeding stock must be raised organically. If any animal is taken out of organic production, it or its meat cannot be sold as organic. Feed must be certified organic, and must provide a nutritious well-balanced diet.

For details about Canada’s organic standard, see the Organic Production Systems General Principles and Management Standards.

The Canadian Organic Growers publish an Organic Livestock Handbook for farmers.