Long Distance Transportation

Farm animals raised in industrial livestock operations are subject to long distance travel from farm to slaughter. This is an extremely stressful trip as current legislation allows animals to travel for long periods of time without rest, food, or water. Many endure injuries and even death along the way.

The distances involved in livestock transportation have greatly increased within the last ten years as the companies involved in food processing have consolidated and centralized their facilities. For example, nearly all the hogs in Canada are killed in Brandon Manitoba and Red Deer Alberta. Nearly all the cattle are killed in High Level or Brooks Alberta. Many live animals are also shipped to the USA where they are fed for a few more weeks before slaughter.

Chickens and turkeys are killed within each province due to the Supply Management system which limits production in each province to the consumer demand of that province.

In order to reduce long distance transportation of livestock, small-scale, multi-species abattoirs that serve local farmers and customers must be encouraged.

The Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals fact sheet on animal transportation provides more information.