• The Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals

    Canada's national voice for farm animals is calling for a halt to two common intensive confinement practices - the caging of laying hens and pregnant sows. They maintain a list of grocery stores and restaurants carrying meat, dairy and eggs that come from animals raised in more humane living conditions.

  • Winnipeg Humane Society

    Certified meat and eggs are now available. The new label marks the first time Canadian consumers will be able to choose meat from animals raised according to standards approved by an animal-welfare organization.

  • BC SPCA Certified

    This is an animal welfare labeling and certification program modeled after England's Freedom Food program. The BC SPCA is working together with researchers, producers and industry to improve the welfare of millions of farm animals raised for food each year in BC.

  • World Society for the Protection of Animals International

    The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is the world’s largest network for animal welfare. It brings together 910 member societies in 153 countries and a whole community of individuals around the world who care about animal welfare.