Heritage Breeds - Pigs

Berkshire pigs are one of the oldest British breeds. They are mostly black, often with white socks and white markings on the face and tip of the tail. They are early maturing. Their meat is juicy, tender and flavorful. It is popular with artisanal chefs.

The British Saddleback breed is a cross between the older Essex and Wessex breeds. It is a black with a distinctive wide band of white across its shoulders. Its mothering ability is renowned. Very hardy and an excellent grazer, it is well-suited for outdoor and organic production.

The Large Black pig is large and black! It has droopy ears that hang down in front of its eyes. These pigs are good outdoor pigs. Their black skin protects them from sunburn. They are grazers, and the sows have strong mothering ability. They are easy-going pigs with a friendly temperament.

The Tamworth is one of the oldest breeds of pig, descended from the wild boar. It has a red coat, is medium sized with a straight snout and prick ears. The pigs are very hardy, and do well grazing on rough land and in harsh climatic conditions. They are well-suited to pastured production. The meat is flavorful and is good for both bacon and pork.

If you would like to find a farmer, farm, animal or breeder of any of these heritage pigs, the Canadian Registered Livestock and Farmer Directory Services is an excellent resource. It also provides statistics for various breeds.