Impacts of Intensive Hog Operations

Impacts of Intensive Hog Operations

Chronological listing of recent Manitoba studies and reports:

Commissioners' Report on the Citizens Hearing on Hog Production and the Environment, Brandon, Manitoba, October 1999. 32 pages.

  • A Review of the Effects of the Livestock Industry on the Environment and Human Health

by Dr. Eva Pip, University of Winnipeg, December 2000. 80 pages (pdf 300kb)

  • Pork, Politics and Power

By Fred Tait, National Farmers Union, presentation to the 2nd Annual National Conference on Intensive Livestock Operations, November 9 2002, Saskatoon. 20 pages

  • The Smell of Intensive Pig Production on the Canadian Prairies

By Dr. Bill Paton, presentation to the 2nd Annual National Conference on Intensive Livestock Operation, November 9 2002, Saskatoon. 31 pages

(pdf) Tyrchniewicz, E. & Gregory, H. Report prepared for Market and Industry Services Branch of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Winnipeg, June 2003. 80 pages

  • The Negative Social Impacts of Manitoba's Hog Industry and the Implications for Social Sustainability

(pdf 164 kb) by Theresa Vandean, Manitoba Legislative Internship Program 2002-2003. 36 pages

  • Butchered

by Susan Bourette, Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, December 2003. "I worked on the kill floor of Maple Leaf Pork in Brandon, Manitoba, drenched in blood and guts, drowning in the nauseating stench. I was part of a new work force moving briskly through the carcasses. This is world class?"

  • Intensive hog farming in Manitoba: transnational treadmills and local conflicts

( pdf 120 kb) by Dr. Joel Novek, University of Winnipeg (draft) Final version published in The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, Vol. 40, 2003.

  • Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, Standing Committee on Legislative Affairs

June 6, 2005 VOL. 8, June 7, 2005 VOL. 9. These are various presentations in regard to Bill 33, the new Planning Act, which took away local decision-making powers for regulating ILOs.

(pdf) by the Lake Winnipeg Implementation Committee, December 2006

Presentations and Fact Sheets, April 2007.

  • The 1% Myth of the Contribution of Phosphorus to Lake Winnipeg

by Alan Baron, Citizens for the Responsible Application of Phosphorus, April 2007 presentation to the Hog Industry Review, April 2007

  • Closing remarks

(pdf 848kb) by Beyond Factory Farming Coalition to the Hog Industry Review, April 2007.

  • On the Sustainability of the Hog Industry in Manitoba

(pdf 332 kb), Submitted to the CEC by Joe Dolecki, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Economics, Brandon University, May 2007.

  • The Ruth Pryzner Saga

(220kb pdf) - Ms. Pryzner, community activist and former RM councillor, provides expert testimony on the erosion of democracy in rural Manitoba, May 2007.

by the Public Interest Law Centre on the Manitoba Hog Industry Review.