Poultry and Eggs


Commercial chicken farming in Saskatchewan, as in the rest of Canada, is done under the authority of the chicken marketing board which limits production to expected demand in order to avoid price crashes and shortages caused by imbalances between supply and demand. Saskatchewan's quota is allocated by the national board, and then the Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan allocate Saskatchewan quota to farmers. No producer or consortium of producers may possess more than 6% of the chicken quota for the province, however, production can become more concentrated as quota may be leased to other producers. In 2003 Saskatchewan's share of Canada's chicken quota was increased andthere is a provision for export quota as well. The government is seeking to expand chicken production in Saskatchewan.

Chicken quotas are based upon an 8-week cycle for production of broilers. Chickens are housed indoors.

There are two commercial chicken processing plants in Saskatchewan- Lilydale in Wynyard, and Prairie Pride in Saskatoon.

Farmers raising small flocks, selling 999 birds per year or less, are exempt from quota.


Egg production is also under supply management in Canada. In Saskatchewan farmers may keep up to 299 laying hens without having to purchase quota.


Turkeys are also raised under supply management, with quota exemptions for smaller producers.