Regulatory Structure

In Saskatchewan Intensive Livestock Operations are approved by Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food, under the Agriculture Operations Act and its Regulations.

Some aspects of ILOs are affected by municipal plans and zoning bylaws under the authority of the Planning and Development Act.

Following the 1997 Saskatchewan Appeal Court decision in Kelvington Super Swine v. Irving, the Environmental Assessment Act does not apply to intensive hog operations in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority has various responsibilities for water and water protection, including water allocation permits. However, the Water Regulations (pdf) (Section 6) exempts intensive livestock operations from the requirement to have a permit under Section 35 (a) of the Environmental Management and Protection Act (2002) before they can "cause or allow the discharge of any substance that may cause or is causing an adverse effect to the quality of any water".

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority has developed a water conservation plan for Saskatchewan. Beyond Factory Farming submitted a brief to the public consultation process (pdf).

SWA-Brief-from-BFF-March-2005.doc68 KB