Our Favourite Blogs:

Here's an compendium of links to Beyond Factory Farming's favourite offerings from the blogosphere:

  • The Green Fork is a blog put together by the people behind the Eat Well Guide which promotes community-based sustainable practices for the production and consumption of food, water and energy.

  • The New Resilient is meant to spark dialogue and bring resources on food policy and the public economy together.

  • Trevor Herriot is a prairie naturalist who writes books, essays, and radio documentaries about the intersection of culture and nature on the northern Great Plains.

  • Amy Jo Ehman shares her knowledge of the bounty of Saskatchewan and aims to inspire you to eat local.

  • Nelson, BC resident Jon Steinman is the man behind Deconstructing Dinner- a radio program created to dispense and discuss current food issues. The program assists listeners in making more educated choices when purchasing food either for the kitchen or at restaurants.

  • Raj Patel's blog, Stuffed and Starved, expands his thoughts on food, hunger, and globalization which have also appeared in a number of US and international news sources, including the Los Angeles Times and The Guardian.

  • Food First, the Institute for Food and Development Policy, is dedicated to eliminating the injustices that cause hunger.

  • Foodies is a television program serving up recipes that will inspire everyone’s inner ‘foodie’. Host, Lesia Burlak, demonstrates easy to prepare meals – using basic, fresh ingredients purchased locally.

  • Tom the Butcher is the work of Tom Mylan, the main butcher for Marlow and Daughters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn- New York City's first and only all-local butcher shop. An irreverent and, well, colourfully written blog.