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Food Secure Canada

National Farmers’ Union

Canadian Organic Growers

Briarpatch Magazine

  • Eat, play, live: The new food revolution
    There is perhaps no more politically charged issue today than food - how it is grown, who controls its processing and distribution, and who eats what — or who doesn’t eat at all. In our special issue focusing on food politics, Briarpatch casts a hopeful eye over the multitude of food activism initiatives springing up all around us.

The Canadian CED Network

  • Making Waves - Growing Hope
    There's a war going on out there, and it's all about food - growing it, processing it, transporting it, selling it. Some figure that a food system obsessed with corporate concentration, free trade, and high tech remains the way to go. Others see the future in smaller farms and enterprises that make nourishment integral to enriching communities & to preserving the Earth. This Special Edition of Making Waves, "Growing Hope" has been guest-edited by Sandra Mark and Frank Moreland.

The Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals

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